Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

I surprised everyone when I actually pulled through, and rented a UHAUL truck on Friday night, moved my stuff out of Jersey City by noon on Saturday, drove to Littleton, MA, where I picked up some other pieces of furniture, headed to Southie on Sunday, where I unpacked everything, and returned the truck by 6PM that same day. Even the UHAUL people charged me an extra day, and I had to call and correct them, exclaiming that I only needed the truck for two full days. Friday didn't count, because I couldn't load the truck until the next morning, due to the fear of sketchy Journal Square natives stealing my possessions.

I am all moved in, but for these last three weeks, I managed to survive without a couch or a TV. I never knew how much allocated time I had previously reserved for watching TV, which I had replaced with working from home, by means of sitting on the coffee table with my laptop balancing cautiously on my knees.

Work had been a touchy subject until recently. I had about 6 promising interviews, only to realize that they weren't actually hiring. I realized I had been in this Manhattan bubble for three years, which wasn't easily affected by the economy. Several companies were always hiring. I had an offer after two weeks of looking in New York, and in Boston, it took over a month for me to find something substantial.

In that month, I turned to none other than Community Boating for work. I had finally accepted the fact that I should stop relying on them and start giving, and as soon as I accepted this, I went ahead and used them as a crutch until I found something writing related.

I found a job as a freelance medical writer at CLD Inc. I honestly wouldn't say that this is a place I would spend my life working in, but its a great field and I'm working contract which is perfect. I'm told that after a few months I may get to work from home, which would be great, now that I have a comfy couch to work on.

So, with new environments, comes new inspiration. My sister's recent political actions actually inspired me. She was unexpectedly laid off from her job and was awaiting her unemployment check, while she looked for a new job, but the check never came. She went to the State house, spent a few hours talking to Deval Patrick (the governor of Mass), and came out with a check for $2500. When this girl wants something done, she can make the ground shake, and that inspires me.

Upon arriving here, I found a few things that I wanted to change. I travel to work every morning by getting on the Red line at the Broadway station. During rush hour, a whole slew of people run down the stairs with me as we look at the empty escalator going up. Nobody uses that escalator in the morning. so I'm going to request that the train guys put in the extra effort to switch the direction in the morning.

I recently joined the Boston Athletic Center. It's a great gym, relatively inexpensive, and a conveniently short walk from my apartment on the way to the train station. The only qualm I have about it is that after the safe walk through the neighborhood, pedestrians going to the gym have to cut through this abandoned loading dock. It's quite scary, when you're up before sunrise trying to get in a workout before work. My request, as soon as I figure out who to contact about it, would be to put lights in that area. That might take longer, because that actually costs money, whereas the escalator thing involves simply flipping a switch every morning, and it would benefit many more.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have some good theories coming up, and my whole move transition is finally complete.

This blog is still very much a part of my life, because it helps me track the progression of my writing style, which I will never retire from, and I promise to never abandon it, so please keep checking in. Cheers.