Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Best of Wilderness House Literary Review Volume 2

I'm very pleased to announce that the the printed Best of WHLR Volume 2 has included my narrative "Jersey City: a shocking tale" (page 198). This is a real honor for me, and I'm excited to be a part of a best of series with such talented writers. This is my first published presence, and since I got a copy, i've been just staring at it, and opening to page 198, just to keep verifying that I'm in there. After Lightness of Being, Im very much looking forward to reading it.

I'm still currently into philosophy and physics, and strongly focusing my free time on this fiction project, but it's a great feeling to see your work in an actual book, printed and arranged for other people to read and enjoy. I just can't wait until I have something published solely with my name on the cover. The next step is a self-published chapbook, which you know will be posted here first. The "Pride is Universal" essay will hopefully be in the Winter online WHLR.

Here's the web site where you can get the book too.

I kind of have that dehydrated, too much sun, kind of hungry and tired feeling, and it's keeping me from writing, so it's time for a break, but I do have some more philosophical stuff to share.