Saturday, December 27, 2008

Living your life, doing your thing

Yes, it's been a while, and I was hoping to use this post to give several updates on projects, but some things especially the current things I'm working on, take time. The novel is well on its way to being written, but I'll tell you right now, this project will not take just a week or a month. I have no specific time goal either. When you decide to take on a big project, the hard work always seems hidden, but I won't be ready to show something for a long while. I've decided to write in this innovative form that involves adding several layers, so showing you my current stuff would be counterproductive.

Another project that I'm working on in partnership with two other editors, is this online literary magazine that will focus on controversial pieces, and the working theme is, it doesn't matter how deviant the content is, as long as its well written. I'm really hoping that this site will take off, because it's a great way to house well written works that have been rejected because of the topic, whether it be based on sex, politics, social deviancy, etc. We're working on getting the site up and running, and I can't wait to name drop it, so you can see what we've been doing these last few months.

I've been dreading writing this post, because I feel like I'm just making excuses, but... I don't know. I feel that if there is a project that you really believe in, you should make a full effort to complete it, regardless of the time it takes. And both of these projects will be well worth it when complete. Cheers.