Friday, January 16, 2009

Practice makes perfect

I hate seeing contestants on American Idol who claim that they've been singing their whole lives and preparing for the show, and when they get up to sing, they sound terrible. Either they are lying or the common fear that constant practice doesn't always mean success, is true, and these people may never sing professionally, ever, regardless of how much focused effort they put into it. I think there is a common fear similar to this that keeps people from pursuing their dreams. I share this fear when I've refused to share the drafts of my story with other people. I believe in it, but part of me is afraid that others won't. But the measure of success starts when you can convince others to believe in your project as well, so that's a high horse I need to jump over if I want to become a better writer.

I've been lucky enough to find a group of young writers, many of whom are also writing their first novel. In this group, writers submit their written material, and we meet up and discuss and critique their stuff. All authors are open to comments and it is a great environment to work in, because you have the opportunity to support other writers in their quest to perfect their written material. And in turn, you receive support from them as well.

I'm still reluctant to show the novel bits, so I submitted the Pride is Universal essay (rather than fixing it for Wilderness house), and I'm excited to hear the comments on Tuesday.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hotter than a pepper sprout

Although, I am nowhere near getting the novel and the web site done, I have some exciting news. I recently had the opportunity to rescue a 6-year-old German short-haired pointer named Pepper. I've been itching to get a dog for a while, but vowed that my schedule was way too erratic to keep one. When my sister brought her over, shared her story and said "you have to adopt her", I reconsidered. Although she came with some baggage, a sob story and abandonment issues, I quickly discovered that Pepper was completely house-broken, well-trained and knew and responded to several commands. I found myself arranging my schedule and making room for Pepper in my life. In the first few days of her staying with me, I found out that my newly found organization allowed me to exercise everyday and find more time to write, clean and do other errands, while being able to walk, feed and nurture Pepper as well.

The next step was to convince my landlord that this dog was a great idea. The first time I called, I panicked and succumbed to the worst convincing question ever. Can I have a dog? to which the landlord quickly responded, no.

I sadly accepted the fact that this might not happen, but later got the encouragement from friends an family to write my landlord a friendly letter, which included the phrases, house-broken, well-trained and additional security deposit. She called me when she got the letter and stated that I proved a good point, and I could keep the dog, free of charge. So, I have a new dog that I must admit, I'm already kind of jealous of, because random people come up to her and tell her that she's beautiful.

I'm having some trouble adding her picture tonight, but when blogger isn't acting up, I'll be sure to put in an image. Cheers.