Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh the places I want to go

So, recently I've had several conversations about vacations and developed a list of the current places I would like to go and why. SInce I figured this is something I want to refer to later, I thought I'd document my list.

Oahu, HI: From the culture that can't be mimicked to the pipeline of the North coast, I would love to visit this place. If I went there, I would windsurf the areas where the surf is down, surf the kiddie waves that the Jersey shore would call huge, watch the big guys ride the pipeline, ride my bike or a vespa around Honolulu, and visit my friends from CBI and school, who moved there.

Malibu Creek, CA: Malibu Creek is a large basin surrounded by 15-20 foot climbable ledges. The highlight of bouldering here is that when you fall off the wall, you jump into the water. And this is nothing like the Quincy Quarries. This is a clean tropical paradise filled with fun and challenging climbs. I've been to Southern California dozens of times, but every new area I went to has a drastically different climate (hot beach weather, cold snowy mountains, desert, smog) and I'm not surprised to find this place is in that area as well.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: For a while, Paris was the starving artists refuge. It was an affordable place where artists could be inspired. Now, Paris is filled with wealthier American tourists making gimmicky art, and I feel it has since lost it's inspiring feel. Word is that Buenos Aires has taken over as the new place where art communes are thriving and color is most vibrant. If I went there, I would learn how to tango beforehand, so I could tango in the street with the rest of the city, I would see the gargantuous cathedrals and the art, and I would probably be mused to write something touching and heartgrabbing, while hiding in a crowded coffee shop. Oh and there is tons of sailing and colorful boats.

Anywhere, India: I don't know too much about it, but everyone I know who has gone, told me that this was a mecca trip that changed their lives. This girl who had just come back, said that when you come back to the states, you will question the purpose of everything, like why am I rushing for this train? Why do I never acknowledge the lives of the guys who work in the bodega? Do I really need butter on my toast? Why is my day ruined if my car won't start? I would love to be in a place that challenges my way of thinking and humbles me. I love being humbled. It costs less.

Capetown, South Africa: Again, another life-changing trip filled with climates and exotic animals our local zoos don't even have, but this time, there's sailing, surfing and windsurfing.

Dubai, UAE: I do really want to come here and see the worlds tallest building disappear out of my site, and ski indoors, and see the man-made islands, but I'm not a big fan of how migrant workers are treated. Especially the guys risking their lives on the largest building, getting paid next to nothing without health benefits. Not cool in my book.

Havana, Cuba: I had wanted to go for the food, cigars and beaches, thinking it was impossible, but my friend's brother got to go on a student visa. I think the rest of our country might get to visit within the next year or two, should a few more rules be lifted. I just want to know what the big fuss is about.

Playa Copal, Costa Rica: Yes, I want to go to Bonaire, Antigua, and any other windy water spot, but this place is premier for windsurfing and high-performance sailing. I almost got a chance to work with the guys at Kite Wind Surf, but I realized they paid in wind, which is awesome, but that doesn't feed me. This place looks like heaven on earth.

So that's my list.