Sunday, December 06, 2009

In Dreams

So I've been wait listed at Tufts for about a month and a half now, and I've spent that time thinking of any conceivable way of acquiring further education credits, recommendations and any other way I can prove to them how serious I am about getting my MPH there. I've spent so much time thinking about what my future in three weeks will hold that I started dreaming about it.

My dream started when I entered a Biology class. The first thing I noticed was that there were several packages from high school students to the school, which had several Bio-lab projects inside. We opened a package and found out that these projects were groundbreaking impressive experiments that impressed even the professor, and I had immediately discredited all of the work I had previously sent in.

After viewing the contents of the package, I looked up and realized that these 12-year-old kids were in the next room working on something. I went in and saw about 50 petri dishes with different liquids in each one. I asked what was going on and the kids said that they all went onto the online class site and were told to take and record the temperature of all the liquid samples in the room. I quickly got my materials together so I could do the same thing. But I had one of those aluminum-framed mercury thermometers that couldn't possibly get the temperature of something in a little petri dish, so I was stuck. When I looked up again to ask for help, all of the 12-year-olds had gone downstairs to eat lunch, so my lack of preparation led me to miss lunch.

Then the professor walked in and said that the class hadn't even started yet. The students in my class were so epic, they had finished the coursework in the class before it even started. WTF.
Dream over.

I think I can analyze this one to a tea, because it is revealing all of the feelings that I have toward grad school. Of course to a much higher degree of exaggeration.

1. I'm afraid that the credentials I'm handing in don't have as much merit as I thought.
2. I'm apprehensive about being in classes with students that are as much as 6 years younger than me, of course in dreams, that means 12-year-olds.
3. I never had to worry about finding online material at Drexel, and there might be some essential online material in my classes that I'll never be able to find, because I'm obviously so computer-illiterate.
4. I have a long resentment over the time in ninth grade when I didn't have a lunch break on Wednesdays and had Bio-lab from 11:45-1:15 that day. I was sternly told the first Wed that Bio-lab is not a place to eat lunch, so I had to convince the crotchety Geometry teacher that I had to eat lunch in her class, and every week she would say in her trollish voice, "Elizabeth, it looks like you care more about your lunch than your geometry." She was right. I could have eaten lunch in History at 1:15.

In reality, I am aware of the changes that will take place compared to Drexel, ie, larger age gap, more online material, more competition. But I wouldn't categorize them as fears. I'm excited about what these changes will bring.