Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Buried Life: The young man's Bucket List

So, as you might have imagined by the silence, I didn't get into grad school of my choice for the Spring term, and decided that Northeastern wasn't the right program for me. Along with my letter of disapproval were some keen suggestions that would have helped before I initially turned in my application, such as, "take more advanced biology classes" and "Don't get hung up on Spring term, because we're only accepting 12 students." I'm well over the sadness and look forward to the March applications process. For inspiration, I turned to MTV. Ha, wouldn't that be pathetic?

Well, I did and this is where I heard about the buried life. The creative play on the concept stayed with me. Four friends ponder over the accepted idea that if they were on this earth for only one day, they would, of course, have a list of things they would want to accomplish. The truth is they have more than that, so they have an even longer list of crazy things to accomplish. Every time they cross something off their list, they change someone's life in their path, and it's all documented by MTV cameras. I decided to make my own list of desired accomplishments in my lifetime. The goal is to hit 100. I'm almost there.

1. Meet Barack Obama
2. Climb Malibu Creek and fall into the water
3. Think of something scientifically that no one has thought of before (ie, PhD)
4. Finish the final draft of the novel and have it professionally published
5. Learn how to drive stick shift
6. Attain another country's citizenship
7. Speak French fluently
8. Visit the Christ Redeemer, Brazil
9. Meet a Namibian San farmer in Africa
10. Eradicate polio
11. Have an art show (screenprinting)
12. Have a casual conversation with a celebrity
13. Get a 100% on a difficult test or a 4.0 in a semester
14. Jump an island or sandbar in a windsurfer
15. Completely gut and remodel a house, "This old house" style
16. Win a national or international award
17. Donate 1 million dollars to Community Boating
18. Help Mike Choi's cousin meet Bono from U2
19. Rebuild the Waterworld set in the middle of the ocean and live there for a bit
20. Pay off my parents' mortgage
21. Go to Holi Day in Washington Square Park, NY
22. Participate in La Tomatina in Madrid
23. Partake in the Running of the Bulls in Barcelona
24. Travel the world to spend all of my collected foreign money in the countries of origin
25. Go to SXSW in Austin, TX
26. Have a discussion with David Benioff
27. Visit Cuba before Castro dies
28. Go to any of the abroad Summer Olympics
29. Attend the Sundance Film Festival
30. Be a lead singer in a band long enough to endure at least one live performance
31. Laugh over money
32. Make a BIG difference in someone's life
33. Quit cracking my knuckles
34. Punch someone in the face
35. Get punched in the face (please no random surprises. I just got a job and I want to keep it)
36. Teach sailing to my friends
37. Go snowboarding (sandboarding?) down a sand dune
38. Open a bar in New York (Barbell)
39. Bear a child
40. Be Zoe Bell's stunt woman in a movie
41. Watch an open heart surgery
42. Inspire someone to make a life-changing decision
43. Randomly see someone reading my book on the subway
44. Meet someone who has lived in a remote village in Tibet their whole life
45. Travel to compete in a sporting event (Run, tri)
46. Catch a piranha with my finger
47. Visit a cave that can only be travelled with aided oxygen under water
48. Windsurf in Bonaire
49. Eat raw for a year...and survive
50. Run under a 6 minute mile
51. Live IN Manhattan
52. Live in Los Angeles
53. Live in Paris

So, I'm half-way through. Writing these really made me excited, and I can't wait to check off my first item. Actually, I feel a little empty, as if I haven't done anything, but I have to remember that I've done several things that were on my list several years ago: getting jetlag, working in New York, climbing a 5.11, surfing in Malibu Beach, doing a triathlon, going up the Eiffel Tower, participating in a mass protest, mass pillow fight. feeling better now.