Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Buried Life list Part 2

54. Live in Buenos Aires
55. Conduct an orchestra
56. Lean my head against the glass wall of the viewing room of the Sears Tower in Chicago
57. Throw a water balloon off a tall building
58. Build a 3-D model of a New York apartment building
59. Open a bakery in the Lower East Side
60. Invent something that many people could use and benefit from
61. Catch a grape in my mouth at 200 yards (yep, that's a world record)
62. Experience Manhattanhenge
63. Be an extra in a film
64. Walk into a room and feel others being awed by my presence
65. Drive across the country and come back with "The Story"
66. Learn and perfect the lift (think Dirty Dancing)
67. Grow old with my friends
68. Donate bone marrow
69. Walk the streets of Manhattan blindfolded for the day
70. Fake handshake George W Bush
71. Discover new land, even if inhabitable, temporary, or a sandbar, and tend to it for a day
72. Hop on a moving freight train headed to Santa Fe
73. Climb up a giant dome jungle gym
74. Go cotton picking in Missouri
75. Work up an immunity to a poison, ie Indian food
76. Meet Munzareen Fatima
77. Learn how to breakdance (Capoeira doesn't count)
78. Ski off a ski jump, the big olympic kind
79. Street luge
80. write and direct a mockumentary
81. Help my dog finally catch a squirrel
82. Start a non-profit that gives shark blood to surfers to use as shark repellent
83. Learn how to flip against a wall
84. Find out the name of that song from that place
85. Invest money in something I truly believe in
86. Relax in a natural hot springs
87. Overcome my fear of SCUBA diving (I can thank my chemistry teacher for convincing me that my head might implode)
88. Jump from the roof of one building to the next
89. Sail a Catalina 14 in full harness
90. Climb the mast of an America's Cup boat
91. Float down the Mississippi River on a raft or powerless tugboat
92. Go bouldering in Thailand
93. Complete a Navy Seals obstacle course (in no desired time)
94. Make use out of all my old electronics (CD walkman, cassette walkman, sony minidisk, portable radio etc)
95. Eat something I haven't eaten before (preferably something edible)
96. Find myself in a boat where all i see is sky and water
97. Find myself in a desert where all I see is cracked earth and sky
98. Save someone's life
99. Pick a fresh pod from a Cacao tree and turn it into chocolate
100. Fall madly in love

so that's my list. I would like to know how many of the one hundred you think I'll actually do. I have to say, this was so much fun. This exercise has encouraged me to think creatively, and i love the opportunity to do so. You can bet that every time I check something off this list, I WILL blog about it.