Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The stuff that dreams are made of...

...has much less endurance than the drive to make them come true.

I am headstrong into my bucket list, happy that I haven't gotten sick of the need to pursue anything on this list, except maybe the Sundance film festival as I have no desire to travel to Park City, Utah. I guess I'm a little disappointed that even in full pursuit, some things are taking longer than I want them to.

This list has certainly sparked my urge to finish the novel. Now, I feel I have a fair shot to defeat my dad in our race to novel completion. But since I've spent the better, sunnier part of my weekends writing, I feel I've missed on the opportunity to cross other more viable items off the list, so lesson learned, I'll make more of an effort to do that from this point on.

Also, some items like donating bone marrow and is a two step process, the second step being waiting for a match who needs a donor. I've put myself in the position of having to choose between the health of others and the joy of crossing something off the list.

I've also been working with a trainer to get my mile time below 6 minutes, however, this might take years to accomplish (My current mile time is 7:15, a far cry from the 6:18 high school personal record). I'm also throwing a wrench in the plan by giving my trainer other goals to conquer like: improve triathlon time, strengthen my core, look toned, get my bikini body back, get in better shape than my boxing friend, which may or may not improve my running time. Correction, my decision to ignore diet advice is the wrench.