Saturday, September 04, 2010

25 miles in one month: The completion

So, I completed my goal (see t-shirt above) while keeping a very detailed log about it, and I'm excited to share everything from what "treasures" I encountered along the way to the various reasons that I couldn't make the lap count that I should have on that day. Instead of telling it in narrative form, I'm just going to share the log, because it's just more fun this way...

These logs cover 7AM-8:30AM of August 2010

Monday August 2
-whistle blows and I finish 63 lengths, I get out of the pool at the far end before realizing that no one really pays attention to the whistle, hence the obnoxious repetitive use of the thing by the lifeguards.
-found a fountain soda lid at the bottom of the pool
-discover that high school kids are running this program and are responsible for keeping record of my lengths

Tuesday August 3
-64 lengths, that's two miles, with a long break between each one
-I find 2 silly bands (a black elephant and a yellow dinosaur)

Wednesday August 4
-I wake up choking on the cap of my tooth
-I make an emergency appointment with the dentist
-I unknowingly walk through a wet puddle of white paint, which I discover as I cover my dentist's plush rug with it
-I spend the rest of my day spilling stuff on myself at work
-0 laps

Thursday August 5
-68 lengths, feel good until the person behind me says 80 lengths, showoff.
-find a Burger King burger wrapper and a tampon applicator

Friday August 6
-68 lengths
-find a red crayon which I forget to rescue

Monday August 9
-32 lengths, stop early to walk my friend to her first day of work
-red crayon still there, I snag it while I can

Tuesday August 10
-64 lengths without any break
-swam in the fast lane (I'm improving)
-no time to collect treasures

Wednesday August 11
-65 lengths
-started off in the fast lane but got clipped by a girl with webbed fingers and flippers (the webbed fingers are detachable, she didn't really have webbed fingers)
-meandered back to the middle lane

Thursday August 12
-26 lengths
-feeling ill/lethargic
-found 2 pearls, one real and one fake, and 2 silly bands, one M and the only silly band i the world that actually lost its shape. I know I'm lucky. This gave me the will to carry on despite being sick.

Friday August 13
-32 lengths
-still feeling crappy
-found one fake pearl and a pantyliner
-yeah I know, why do I still swim at that pool?
-Because I've only done 15 miles thus far

Monday August 16-20
-week off, teaching sailing

Monday August 23
-"I have a week off. What's one more day?"

Tuesday August 24
-64 lengths
-It's raining and cold
-Find out that I actually only have until the 30thone week to finish 25 miles
-Thought I had 2
-Find 3 paper towel sheets

Wednesday August 25
-It's pouring and cold
-I wear a wetsuit
-The lifeguards don't come out of the shed for 20 minutes and pass on the message that they'll come out when they "feel like it"
-60 lengths non-stop

Thursday August 26
-70 lengths!
-water's cold but it's hot and sunny out
-my friend at work informs me that the chafing mark on my neck from my wetsuit looks like a hickey. It isn't.

Friday August 27
-64 lengths
-realize the pool has been spotless all week
- probably because it's been raining

Monday August 30
-70 lengths again!
-I only report 64 because I lied on Friday, and I want to win this thing honestly.

The party was that same Monday night, and I officially met all the other Hamilton Fish swimmers. I was really happy to get my T-shirt.

The adult swim continued through Friday, and I went on Friday to celebrate my accomplishment by NOT counting laps as I swam.

Friday September 3
7AM-7:20 Lifeguards don't show up
7:20AM One guy starts a revolution and leads 50 swimmers to the pool past the desk of the sign out guys who are apparently also lifeguards but unauthorized to work as lifeguards. They panicked and called their bosses, 311.. oh and the police. While they did that, I decided to play lifeguard. Someone has to watch these fools. When the kid with orange shorts, the lifeguard, showed up, I went swimming. The police showed up and didn't know what to do because the lifeguard had arrived.

And the swimmers all went out to breakfast afterwards to celebrate the free-swimming summer. I can't wait until next summer. I want to get 50 miles next time.

OK, climbing season...