Saturday, January 15, 2011


"It was Halloween in the West Village. A stage of space had cleared amid the unruly crowd to make way for Lady Gaga emerging from a cardboard escape pod covered in a Chilean flag. Surrounding miners wearing sunglasses and headlamps proudly lead a chant of hundreds to a country so obscure to them, while Spiderman begged to go next. I never thought that 5 months later, I would be in Chile, trying to make sense of the past associations I made with this place."

The next travel blog is coming in March. I'm very excited to go visit my friend, make new friends and experience the elusive Chilean mindset that no one can explain.

In the meantime, a band review of Long Island's own Free Noise Brigade will be published, and I'll share it here (if they let me repost it; batting eyes) and a fiction narrative about an early 90's Boston band is in the works as well.