Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Noise Brigade: More than a beach town band from Long Island

If you are trapped inside, during a harsh New York winter and long to escape to a beach bonfire in mid-July, it’s time to check out the Free Noise Brigade’s self-titled EP album. This young-blooded reggae band based out of Long Island, NY has an unfixed yet calming air that transcends limitations prematurely set for reggae music.

Lead singer, Ryan Dobby, takes you through this musical exploration, from his clear pop voice in the bright opening tune, Good Day, to the hard rock raspy tones in the mostly acoustic Lights Down Low.

Throughout the album, which explores several of the reggae subgenres, you can catch the drummer deceptively wandering outside the boundaries of standard reggae cadence with crisp well-thought fills that enhance his cross rhythm style and heavy Sublime influence.

Laced with meticulous bass line variations, and a dub-style intermission [Choreomania Dub] that weaves in an acid rock jam session, these kids will show you that you don’t have to speak Jamaican Patois to start breaking reggae barriers.

The Free Noise Brigade has proven their ability to transform an empty cold dancehall into a hot summer beach night, but a sophomore album will truly determine how a band with this degree of aptitude will develop as they find their own skin.

Keep a sharp eye out for the Free Noise Brigade: their rooted Amityville townie fans are definitely onto something.