Thursday, March 24, 2011

Travelogue series begins now--Chile

Thanks everyone for your patience. It has taken me some time to organize my ideas and edit the seven or eight part series, which I'll release intermittently, because that's the way I roll. For the surfers out there. I don't surf until part 4, so you'll just have to wait.

Chile: February 19- March 6

ATL to SCL: Long flight to a long place
February 19-20
“We get dinner?”
“Yes, and just when you thought you’ve fallen asleep, you get rudely awoken at 4 in the morning for breakfast,” my well-traveled neighbor assured me.

I had been so used to shitty domestic American flights that deprive me of good nuts as the company slowly goes under, I forgot all about dinner. I also never recalled checking off “vegetarian” when I bought my tickets but shrugged knowing I had been in a major health nut phase a few months back. As I gnawed on my stringy veggies, a fit of apprehension came over me as I wondered how a pale person tarnished with winter could be freshly plucked out of New York and expected to perform with tanned summer suppleness. I didn’t want my trip to be wasted on getting back into shape. I came with one solid goal in mind. Like any surfer, I wanted to get shot out of a barrel, and I had decided that I wouldn’t come back until I did just that.

I spent the last few months taking yoga classes and climbing to strengthen core and balance, but at this moment, I knew it wasn’t enough. Yes, something very vital to surfing was left out of my plans to defy winter weakness. I usually discover around Memorial Day that I have lost all paddling endurance, a problem that could have been resolved with a few months of swimming. Thankfully this realization came early this year…while gagging on stringy veggies in February… on my plane ride to Chile. "Could I last?" I thought, as we flew over Costa Rica. I finally dozed off only to be abruptly awoken again—a sharp foreshadow of my surfing journey in Chile.