Saturday, September 17, 2011

BAMF Creative

I've worked in the ad industry for a while and it's not the industry I thought I was going into when I was in college. I couldn't wait to be in an environment of endless stimulation, surrounded by these incredibly creative people that continued to blow me away with new ideas.

I've worked at large holding companies, small start-ups, and conflict shops, and it's all the same...

Each project is full of too many chefs with the least creative people in the world making the most important decisions, beating good ideas down so hard that they have lost their vigor and meaning by the time the project is out the door.

You don't have to be in an agency to know what I'm talking about. The media is all about stimulation, but they have continued to throw shock without meaning so many times that they have desensitized the most horrific moments and appalling language (ahem MTV). Talented musicians are selling their sounds one hook at a time, only to be rehearsed to the point of exhaustion. Nothing is fresh anymore.

I feel like the media is trying so desperately to get our attention that they are constantly fighting to shock us. If they were to paint a picture, they would want to throw out all these bright colors at us, but because all these non-creative types get a hand in it, they unknowingly mix all the colors together, and instead of painting this beautiful piece of art that they pay so much money to market, they instead create that nasty purple/brown mud color that can only come from cheap generic paint. For all of you who weren't design majors,, see below for clarity.

If I had my own ad agency, this is what it would be like...

-We would only hire people who have their own side projects that we believe in (real creatives believe in themselves other than their ability to write about Ritz crackers and Cialis.)

-Our clients seek us out to come up with that one amazing marketing tactic that works better than waning drawn out campaigns that cost the same and don't work.

-This is a new age: people don't pay attention to long drawn out campaigns (unless it's 5 commercials strung together during the Superbowl), they say "Remember the time when Kayne interrupted Taylor Swift a day after his clothing line, Pastelle, failed...oh you don't remember that second part? It's called good PR.

-If a client offers us tons of money to do something boring or stupid, we wouldn't do it (maybe we'd have a list of non-clients on our site titled, "People who asked us to do something stupid or boring")

-We would work on standard media like print, digital and social media campaigns, but we would also offer other services like guerilla marketing tactics, psychosocial marketing tactics and creating new media platforms that blow their fucking minds away

-No pharmaceutical advertising (too many rules)

So, we're starting it right now: one account director, one copywriter and one art director. The plan is to continue business as usual at our real jobs but work on these two pitches at night. That's right, two pitches. Two companies. We rock. We're called BAMF creative. Follow us on twitter. @BAMFcreative