Saturday, February 04, 2012

Oh my God, it's the Curry Smugglers-- A review

I'm sitting in a NYC coffee shop, listening to the Curry Smugglers Season 5 finale. I may be sitting next to a drafty door, but I feel like I've just materialized in the hottest club, drunk on life, rubbing against shirtless Goans, and hearing only the tightest remixes with all aspects of Desi flair.

DJs Paresh and Sachin have taken the time to sift through everything from Bollywood remixes to Bhangra and Goan trance, and they showcase only the artists they feel deserve the premier platform they have built together. They stand confident in their music selections and have a wealth of knowledge behind the effort put into the tracks.

After listening to five seasons of the Curry Smugglers free podcast, (also available on their website I realized this show wasn't just made to fill the void for the bollywood meets hip-hop crossover. There is a whole world out there of talented artists who have perfected the details behind the melodic pull that can rock a club off it's foundation but don't necessarily have a voice in the commercial music world. The Curry Smugglers have stepped up to give these artists that voice, while being passionate about playing good quality music regardless of it's commercial success.

The Curry Smugglers defend a track from Raghav, who recently went under scrutiny for his new album being less traditional and too "commercialized" in an abridged excerpt below:

Paresh: He's not just Asian. He's an artist. He's supposed to try different stuff. Let him branch out.

Sachin: I don't think music needs to be seen as a commercial track or not. If you like it, you like it.

Paresh: At the end of the day, if people hear the song in the club, and there's some booty-shaking girls in the club, who cares?

Of course with this DJ duo, there is the "crack up in a public place" entertainment factor, guest interviews, blunt opinions about the Bollywood music industry not cutting it, and the human quality the smugglers bring when they melt in the presence of Honey, the Bollywood gossip guru from The Daily Honey.

As I break into Season 6, I have proclaimed myself a smuggler for life. And you will too.

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